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Are you a hypermobile poler? If you are unsure, you can rate yourself using the Beighton Score to see where you stand, and then view the recordings from our workshop: “A Hypermobile Polers Guide to Bending Without Breaking” that happened in studio and live online Saturday, October 9th from 3pm – 4:30pm. 


Cody Ibarra, PT, DPT led us through some great information that will got us more acquainted with how our bodies work and ways to protect our bodies as we navigate through our pole journeys.


Cody Ibarra is a physical therapist specializing in orthopedics currently working at Select Physical Therapy in Avon and West Hartford. His passion lies in exploring motor learning patterns, patient education, and providing holistic patient care. Originally from Southern California, Dr. Ibarra has B.A. is Sociology from UC Santa Barbara, and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Columbia University. Cody has trained in martial arts including karate, kickboxing, judo and jiujitsu since childhood and has a deep love of dance.

Need a night or two of relaxation and stress relief at home?  Then Yoga at Home is for you! We will work on various Yoga Asanas (poses) to stretch our whole bodies!   


This is not an intense Yoga class and is designed for you to improve flexibility while melting the tensions and stress of the week away.  We promise after this class you will want to go to bed, you will be so relaxed.   


No Pole required, and take the classes in your own time as many times as you like! This pass gives you two 60min yoga classes with instructor Cris Rivers.

Yoga at Home.png

In April, 2021 we held 3 Online Physics of Pole Dance Workshops via Zoom at Pole in the Wall, Springfield, MA with Dr. Alix Deymier, Ph.D., Dr. Cody Ibarra, PT, DPT, and Mændy MacFarland, Pole Instructor.  


This online workshop is for pole dancers of all levels, and instructors who want to learn what they have always known inside, that pole dancers are masters of physics! Having a pole at home while you watch is handy, but you cans still benefit from watching without.


Purchase of this pass will give you access to all three workshop recordings and accompanying slides:


Video & Slides #1: Gravity and Force (90mins)

Video & Slides #2: Friction and Motion (90mins)

Video & Slides #3: Momentum and Turning (90mins)

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