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Pole on the Call
Explore Pole Dance from around the World with Online Pole Fitness Education, 
All Inclusive Pole Dancer Interviews and more!

Pole Dancer Interviews and Education

Get inspired with Beautiful Pole Dancer Interviews and learn with us with fun Pole Sport Discussion Topics.

Let us help you on your Pole Journey!

Looking to share your story or expertise? Not sure how to start a Podcast or Blog?

We have created a fun planner to help you get started.   Also includes a fun video to help you go thru the planner .  Includes tips we learned to help you avoid some issues and more! The hardest step is getting started. Start your Podcast or Blog today!

Create your own pole dance podcast Free download

Are you an at Home Pole dancer? Maybe looking to practice by yourself?

We have created a fun and Free Collection of tutorials , conditioning exercises and more to help you with your pole journey at home.  Complete them at your pace, and in what ever order you like. Maybe try someof the combos.... or create some of your own?  Start dancing at home !

Now you can help us here at Pole on the Call! Get promoted when you do ...

We love what we do for Pole on the Call.  Now we have a way for you to help us continue to share beautiful Pole Dancer stories and important Pole Dance Education.  Check out our Sponsorship options.  Sponsor us and get promoted to our viewers, listeners and more!  We will promote your Pole Brand and more. 

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