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Meet Pole Dancer and Instructor, Mallory Nicole

This is the video of our Episode 28: Meet Pole Dancer and Instructor, Mallory Nicole from Pole On The Call that aired Thursday, August 4, 2022.

You can watch this episode on YouTube, or listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music, or your favorite podcast service.

In this episode, Cris Rivers & Mændy Mac interview the amazing Pole Dancer and Instructor, Mallory Nicole of Tease Dance & Fitness in Aurora, IL.

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Mallory Nicole's Bio:

So a little about me…. The first time I ever tried pole dancing was in 2006. I was barely 19 and needed some extra cash for a trip I was going to be taking. I was a single mother and had my daughter while I was still in high school. At the time of my first experience, I was a licensed hair dresser barely making ends meet. I figured I would do an amateur night as the first place prize was $500 and I needed it. I had zero idea what I was doing. I spent the last of my extra cash on some dance heels and got my butt on stage. I actually won the prize but what I realized was I felt at home on stage. I quickly realized that working in a gentleman’s club was what I needed to do for my daughter and I.

I worked in a couple of clubs during my early twenties. But then I got married and had more children. My love for the pole was so strong so I installed a home pole. I was not properly trained and only knew a couple basic spins. In 2013, I set a five year goal of starting classes, doing a competition and becoming an instructor. Unfortunately, one of the things I had fallen into while being a stripper was the lifestyle. I lived fast and I lived hard. My goals were mere dreams at that time as I was battling alcoholism.

I got sober in May of 2018. I was getting myself back but lacked any confidence to start taking classes. It wasn’t until 2019 that I decided to take the plunge. I signed up for beginner classes as Tease Dance and Fitness in Aurora, IL. I fell in love with the studio and the classes. But what I gained was so much more than fitness. I gained my sexy back. I gained my confidence back as a woman and a mother. I also gained a community of strong, badass women whom I now consider family.

I was only a few months into taking classes when the world shut down due to covid. I ordered a Lupit pole and self taught for a couple of months until we re-opened. Then we got shut down a second time. I fell into a deep depression and barely poled at home. Even after we re-opened again… I was having feelings of not being as far along as I would have liked. I was angry and discouraged but I kept showing up to classes. Some days at home, I would pole for hours. Other days I would touch it and then walk away because I wasn’t feeling it. What I have learned through this journey, is to give myself grace during the difficult times.

Pole has always been there for me in one way or the other. I just finished my instructor training and taught my first intro class last night. That is a whole new level excitement that I can not explain. I am reaching my goals. Maybe not on the timeline my ego would like but I am attaining them as and when I should. I have yet to do an in person competition but I did do an online comp during covid shutdown.

Follow her on Instagram @mallorypolerina_19 Follow Tease Dance & Fitness: @tease_dance_and_fitness


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