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Pole in the Wall in Springfield, MA

This is the video from our Season 2, Episode 1: Pole in the Wall in Springfield, MA from Pole On The Call that aired Thursday, January 5, 2023.

You can watch this episode on YouTube, or listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music, or your favorite podcast service.

In this episode, Cris Rivers & Mændy Mac interview give you a tour of their home pole studio Pole in the Wall in Springfield, MA and update you on what is to come on our podcast this season.

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More About Pole in the Wall: Since 2018, our mission has been to deliver quality pole dance and fitness instruction to all humans while maintaining a safe space for learning and personal growth through pole.

We offer a variety of different pole, dance, fitness, and flexibility classes in studio, online, and on demand for all humans aged 18+, taught by experienced, certified instructors for every skill level and style.

We teach what we love! Our space is small, but fills with inspiration.

Whether you are coming for fun, art, sport, or profession, we hope you find classes and programs at Pole in the Wall to meet your pole goals. Our students and staff participate in pole competitions, performances, and workshops through the year, and our studio offers many opportunities for students to increase their knowledge from pole student to instructor and amateur to pro.

Visit us at Register for class in studio or online at

Follow us on YouTube @thepoleinthewall

Follow us on Instagram @thepoleinthewall


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