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Pole Dancer Lindsey, Owner of Wonderland Pole & Dance

This is the video from our episode Pole Dancer Lindsey, Owner of Wonderland Pole & Dance from Pole On The Call that aired Thursday, November 2, 2023.

You can watch this episode on YouTube, or listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music, or your favorite podcast service.

In this episode, Cris Rivers & Mændy Mac meet Pole Dancer Lindsey, who is the Owner of Wonderland Pole & Dance in Richland, WA.

Bio: Hey you, I’m Lindsey, owner of Wonderland and I’m also very much a misfit, rebel, not so ladylike, boundary pusher who is passionate about doing things that scare her {YOLO!}, the golden rule, rainbows, butterflies, laughing, and being kind. Raised a Texas girl who never quite seemed to fit in anywhere, I left the moment I could to follow a Soldier around the world and along the way become a mother of 4, a published boudoir/glamour photographer, a licensed trauma informed lifestyle coach and a pole dancer.

In 2021, our family firmly planted roots in Tri-Cities and I felt utterly lost without a dedicated pole studio like I was used to. For me, the pole studio is a place I can always go to just be me, let go of the drama, have fun, be silly, cheer others on, learn from passionate instructors, do crazy stuff that leaves bruises, shake my booty and reclaim my sanity in a brave, welcoming, judgment free environment.

I made a promise to myself, to the women I’ve already met and to all the people I’ve yet to meet to build that brave space with the goal to empower you to dance, grow muscles, make friends, find community, seek joy and flip the world upside down whenever it doesn’t make sense. My sincere hope is for YOU to unleash your inner badass within Wonderland & that I have the privilege of cheering you on as you do!

I hope you dance.




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