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Interview with Sallys Charming of The Pole Circus

This is the transcript of our Episode 5: Meet Sallys Charming of The Pole Circus from Pole On The Call that aired Thursday, February 3, 2022.

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About The Pole Circus & Sallys Charming:

Our mission at The Pole Circus Virtual Competition is to provide a platform to display the art of pole and all Aerial arts. Someplace safe, for ALL where we can cheer each other on and celebrate the great community.

This event was create by Sallys Charming owner of Girl Next Door Pole Fitness. Sallys Charming is a hearing impaired pole dancer and wishes to diversify the pole community for all with disabilities.

She's a certified pole instructor and has 5 years of experience specializing in choreography and dance. *Performing at International Pole Con as Representative *Para Pole 2021 *2nd place Pole Justice *2nd Place PSO Orlando *Judge PSO Pacific 2020 *She's also featured in International Pole Sport Federation dictionary. *Former Professional dancer at Channel 31 Azteca America.

Mentioned in this interview:

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The PT Pole Book anatomy coming out soon


Welcome everyone! My name is Cris Rivers.

And I’m Mændy Mac.

And this is Pole on the Call and we are so super freaking excited to be interviewing the incredible Sallys Charming from The Pole Circus! An incredible pole dancer entrepreneur, and I can’t wait to share her story.

How are you today Sallys?

I am so good so excited to be here with you guys. iIt’s our official first podcast so we’re really happy!

Excellent! Yeah thank you so much for taking the time to to meet with us and and for sharing your pole journey and your story and also about The Pole Circus.

Yes thanks so much for having me! We might have a little visitor, my cat is over here somewhere, so she might come say "hi."

That is perfectly okay! We would love to say hello!

Alrighty so I guess we’ll start with some basic information just to warm up. How long have you been pole dancing?

All right so this is a an interesting question. So I started a few months before I was pregnant. My son is currently — here’s the cat — my son is uh five years old, so I poled until he was, until I was eight months pregnant. So I kind of took a little hiatus you know, to have a kid, and then I came back. But yes that’s my my pole journey in like a nutshell.

That’s incredible! You still came back though after having a child that’s awesome that’s so inspiring for like other mothers out there who might be going through the same issue and might have to take a step back.

Yeah I mean my doctor pretty much said that as long as you did it before you were pregnant, and you know you feel comfortable — and obviously check with your doctor that you could continue and do whatever form of exercise you were doing. So yeah, and I did it until I was eight months. I was just so big I couldn’t even like walk some days, and that was kind of it for me. But I have seen some other amazing pole dancers do it the whole pregnancy and it’s just incredible!

Yeah it’s really awesome! Right, there was Bendy Kate was all over, like up and down, upside down, like I was like whoa!

Like doing handsprings! She’s doing some crazy stuff! I was like oh my I thought I was brave — she’s on another level for real!

True, so it just goes to show you like how amazing we are as human beings we can just like, you know…

Well and how did you get into pole? Like what was like the the draw for you?

So interestingly, uh my husband and I moved from California to Florida because it was cheaper. So I just got out of college, he just got out of college, we’re like we need to change. We’re not going to be able to ever like own a house here. Let’s just move. And so we moved to Florida! And around the corner from where we moved was a pole studio. And every time I would drive to work I would see it, and I would see it coming home, and I was just like, "I’m just gonna have to stop in and see what this is about."

And I checked it out! I started with chair. Chair dancing was the the way I got into it and I fell in love with it. Everybody was just so nice! It felt like a community, like a family. Nobody was like judging anybody, you know. If you had like a few extra pounds, or a stretch mark, they’d be like, "it’s okay I have that too, like look at mine!" Or look what happened here! And it was just so welcoming and I couldn’t stop, and I haven’t really stopped since so…

Yeah it is such a welcoming environment! Thank you for sharing that, I’m glad you had that experience, some people don’t — but that is awesome!

Any other questions, Mændy? I could go again…

Yeah you could take it away!

Sure! Okay so what is your favorite moment in your pole career so far? Or I know this is hard, so maybe top two, top three?

Alright, so I have won PSO competitions, but that is actually not my top moment you guys. My top moment is when we did, — me, my husband ,and my little four-year-old son — we did thriller! We did a re-enactment of thriller and we dressed up like zombies! And we only won third place, but like they all got a medal! My husband got a medal, my son got a medal, and it was just so awesome! Our dogs were in it! I painted them with some white spray paint, they were like zombie dogs! So that was just totally like something we’ll never forget, and it was, you know apocalyptic pandemics, so it was something to keep was occupied and for sure. Like my top favorite, never forget that moment!

And then another thing I got to perform for the Pole Convention — the International Pole Convention for Parapole and so that was really near and dear. Because some people know, some people don’t know, but I am half deaf, so I do wear hearing aids. And it’s been really hard to kind of just accept it. And I want to be kind of like, you know showing other people if you have a condition, visible, invisible, you know, you can do this! Like we’re a really welcoming community and you can come, and you can dance, you can pole, you can laugh, you can cry. We all have good, bad days, and so that was near to my heart to represent the community and be able to do that performance.

It was a belly dance performance on the beach so that was super fun! In Florida obviously we have a lot of beaches, but my poor husband had to haul like 100 pounds of the stage pole and set it up, you know! My uh my crew! But uh yeah, so those are those are the top moments that I’ve had so far! But there’ll be many more to come, I’m sure.

I love that, the Michael Jackson thriller, oh my god! I would love to see that video if you have it!

I do! You know what, I’ve had it, and I keep trying to post the original, so you could see like the moves to the song, but Instagram and Youtube keeps taking it down! So I had to speed it up a little bit so it’s not too bad. But it’s just like, it’s like I had to put it out there, so people could see it. It just sucks, and I can’t like have it originally the way that it’s intended, but you know the social media popo — they find you!

Dude they’ve been shadow banning me lately because my sexy posts are too much!

I feel like they don’t let me do anything! Because we can’t can’t get away with anything.

I know I really want to make like a whole social media account but that’s a story for another day.

For real.

Another question, Mændy?

Yeah I guess I want to thank you for sharing your experiences about, you know, your experience in the pole world as a hearing-impaired poler, and I was hoping you could also like, you know, maybe share some of the challenges and how poke studios can help make their spaces, events, and classes, more accessible.

Yeah so, okay so there’s a like misconception that I have to kind of tell everybody when they first meet me. I am half death. I’m not completely deaf. But that being said, like for example, just so everyone can kind of see, like I have you know these little hearing aids. But the problem is that technology isn’t 100%. So I go to a studio and they think, oh you have hearing aids, you can hear! Not really. I read lips for most of everything, and if you’re turned to me I can’t really hear you. And sometimes, you know, I have had some rude people! Well they’ll start yelling at me! And it’s like, I don’t need you to yell at me, I just need you to look at me and I can read your lips!

So it’s just kind of those things I feel like where people are just ignorant, and I’ve learned obviously, you know getting older, that it’s just people. I think sometimes it makes them uncomfortable if they don’t know how to deal with me. And it’s not really you, and I feel like that’s kind of like my overall message to people who have condition is sometimes explaining it. Being open about it, because if people don’t know, they can’t help you, you know. And especially like if you’re a teacher, or studio owner, we want to be able to help all kinds of students. But again if we have no idea how to help you, or what is that you need you know, so now like if ever I take a class all, the instructors know. Like they have to look at me, or at least turn in my direction. Things like that. And I feel like, depending on where you are, some studios are more open than others. But definitely find a studio that works for you, that’s willing to you know, make you feel comfortable. Because we are all, the students are paying for a service, and you want to be able to get the most out of it no matter who you are, really.

Yes love it! And it’s not hard to make the changes to make everyone you know, because pole is for everyone, and you just have to you know, if you have it in your heart — we’ll make it happen!

I love that you say that, and to anyone listening if your studio won’t cater to your needs start your own!


Thank you so much for for that that was amazing! Do you want to go to uh like a different sort of question?

My cats are like…

I love it!

Cats are my favorite but I’m severely allergic, so it’s dogs for me.

I’m allergic too! That’s what’s so crazy when I first got her I had to take a Zyrtec for like two weeks! I bought a neti pot! I know it’s not sexy!

I used to be allergic to cats and now I’m not! So maybe it’ll change?

Yeah yeah I hope! I mean I love dogs, but for you — if I could do it you could do it!

So a quick thing I was it was almost like I had the flu when I first got the cat. I like tested for COVID and everything but the thing is, that the second I stepped out of my house I didn’t have the allergies! When I was in the house I’d be like crying, sneezing — I couldn’t breathe! It like stuck in my throat! But after I think, it was like two and a half, maybe three weeks of the neti pot, I got better!

That’s so amazing that it worked! I tried the neti pot at one point but it wasn’t not for me.

It doesn’t, it’s not for everybody.

By that three week stretch I’ve only done like you know, one sitting here what’s sitting there!

Do you have another question? I can ask — I was going to ask about what other types of fitness or or cross training or anything like that, that you do beside, like activities outside of pole?

I guess cross-training of choice is a dance! I love, so I like zumba but sometimes I can like hyperventilate because it is a lot! But I do like uh salsa dancing! So there is like a salsa studio, it’s kind of small near where I live, and they do like social. And it’s like 5 p.m to 8, so it’s not like a club you just go with other dancers. And they’ll be like "may I have this dance?" And you’re like "oh yes you may!" And everyone kind of trades partners, so even if you bring like a date or like a husband or boyfriend whatever, you have to share — it’s like a known fact. And I love it! You leave drenched! Like your clothes are like super super sticky sweaty. But it’s super fun. you burn calories, and I feel like it really does kind of help. Because with pole we do, especially when we do competitions and pieces, you are dancing, and kind of training lifting, all abs at the same time, you know what I mean? So uh so yeah so that’s what I like to do.

Nice just keeping it fun the whole way! We don’t like workouts that are not fun. Cris you want to take the next question?

Yeah I have them in a specific order but you oh we always change them — okay!

So tell us a little bit about your pole training style and your philosophy that you might have, that might help others, or different things —

With my pole journey, I’ve done I think five? Five competitions. And so in the beginning, I would make a mess of it. I’d be like, I want to learn these awesome tricks, like these new, super hard, like and totally like you could barely see it, you know out of your league type of thing. And then you go in the studio and you’re like, all right let’s be a little more realistic about what we’re trying to do here, right! And I’ve learned that especially if you’re going to do a competition, piece, like do what you’re good at! Whatever that is, do that! And people are going to see that you’re comfortable, people are going to see that you’re enjoying yourself, that you love it.

We’re — a lot of us are like, overachievers and we want to try to just go above and beyond. And the judges can see that you just learned that trick yesterday. It’s just not a good look. So I feel like that’s kind of my advice to anybody who’s willing to listen, is just you know, be yourself! If your instructor says oh you know what you’re really flexible, put in a hundred splits, we’re gonna love it! Like there’s nothing wrong with that! If someone else is like oh you’re a really good dancer, maybe make it more dancing, and add a free a few really cool moves that you’ve mastered 100x, but just be your authentic self and something that’s genuine to you. Because when you try to do anything else, we can just tell! And I mean "A" for effort, but it’s not quite gonna get you placed if that’s what you’re looking for. And that’s been my my struggle in my years of training and everything, so yeah that’s kind of my advice.

Thank you for sharing that! I mean I’m glad you shared that, because I forget that all the time, just to be myself. It’s like you said we are overachievers and perfectionists, and we want to do the next best thing. And it’s so, it could be a humbling experience. So I’m glad you share that with us.

Yes of course, right! Like it’s it’s not about getting all like the biggest, best tricks. It’s you know, you could be doing dip turns, but you could be doing the dip turn in your own personal way, and that’s what is memorable.

Yeah, yes for sure! But put your own twist your own style to it, have fun! That’s what this is all about fun! F-U-N, the F-word!!!

Yes! We forget that! We’re so busy training, we’re so busy trying to whatever it is that our goal, is that we don’t, sometimes we don’t have fun! And we’re just going, and we’re like in this mentality of like, trying train, training tricks, tricks, tricks, and it’s like wait wait — it’s supposed to be fun!

Right like especially like the the last few weeks before competition too, and you’re like — but like you have to just keep reminding yourself of the F-word!


The NEW F-word!

It’s rebranded! The Pole Circus F-word!

Yeah love it! Oh my gosh please make that shirt that would be fun! yes!

Next question, because you bring up The Pole Circus "F-U-N" and the poster! I’m so glad I found it! I can’t wait to, like this is my first year, and I can’t wait to do more and progress! Because it is like you said, so fun!

Can you tell us more about how it started, what do you, what do you do it for, the pole community, and maybe upcoming events!

Important! So the kitty cat wants to say hi!

So basically, like I said, I have done five competitions, so I feel like and they’re different companies. So I did PSO which is really strict. You have to have certain moves, and depending what category, you have to hold the moves for three seconds each move or else they don’t count. It just to kind of give people an idea of how that works which is brilliant. And then I did another competition, another competition. My point is that I just wanted a place to perform, to just kind of enjoy the art of it. Not be so worried about like how many tricks am I supposed to do, how many splits am I supposed to do, how long. Like it was just like too much. And I felt like the community was lacking a place where people could just kind of express their creativity.

So that’s where the idea came from, and so The Pole Circus is international. I wanted to kind of join everybody and every kind of people you know no discrimination everybody included and all apparatus. So we’ve had like double poles, like somebody that used two poles to perform which was pretty cool. Chains, lyra, hammock, so you name it we don’t turn it down! It’s kind of our philosophy. And the score sheet is standard for everybody, so basically the best performance wins. So the one that has the background, the makeup the costume, the storyline, almost like a like a broadway show — like like halloween on crack! Like that kind of vibe.

So The Pole Circus, I felt like was the best name for it because I feel like it is a circus, it’s just everything and anything kind of goes! And we’re all here to celebrate each other and enjoy aerial arts. And so that’s just kind of the idea and the concept of it all. And we do have a showcase division, so that that’s even less rules. So basically anybody and anybody any level can do the showcase, and then the competitors which is something I wanted to do as well.

Most of the competitions, first of all, they’re very expensive. And like to join, and you don’t win anything — you get a medal — but there’s no actual prizes. And you know, we like a little free things sometimes right? So we joined with XPole! We got really lucky XPole’s one of our sponsors, so the overall winner of The Pole Circus gets a pole shipped to their house! So our last winner was in Malaysia and it was really cool to kind of see her get the pole at her front door! Super excited a whole world away, literally because I’m in Florida. And so that’s just nice then to kind of get the camaraderie of you know, people.

And this competition we have coming up: Naughty Valentine! We got a request to do 18 and older, so that way it’s like more sexy and just a vibe kind of geared towards that. And that one pretty much you know, it’s the same thing, anyone and everyone could join. So we have you know, Australia, we have New Zealand, we have cats involved! We have UK. We have, what else, Malaysia, we have China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Canada. So it really is just kind of joining all of us under one roof, and that was my vision! And I’m hoping to you know, just bring people together and everyone get to know each other is what it’s about.

I love her! You just made me so excited even more to be because we both entered! And you know just even to be showcased, to get you know, next to people from around the world, is just so exciting!

I can’t wait to see your guys’s piece! I wait for the show day so because the judges are the ones who judge I have nothing to do with the judging. And obviously they’re world-renowned judges, they’re all really famous. And so I don’t see anything until show day. And so it’s like I’m right there with you with the popcorn, like oh that was cool! And we have like, so the platform that we do the show is called Crowdcast so it’s more interactive. So as the videos are playing you get to like chat with other people. And it’s neat because you know, like I said they’re from all over. Until you’re chatting they’re like oh that was so cool Mændy! You’re like awesome job Cris! And you’re like she’s messaging me from China! Or like he’s messaging me from Australia! And you’re just like, it’s like me! You know fun experience.

Thank you so much for starting The Pole Circus! I’m glad I found it! I’m hoping by others watching this they feel encouraged to maybe finally start competing. Because they’re like you said, it’s expensive. It could be difficult and really really hard, and technical, and yeah strength. Yeah thanks so much, that’s so exciting.

So just to kind of let you guys know we have decided to do three shows a year. So we’re going to do Valentine, yes we’re going to do Summer Fun, and then we’re going to do Halloween. So those are our three shows, and they’re all pretty much gonna be the same as in whoever performed the best. And each show will have different world famous judges, and each one will have different prizes. So like this time we’re giving away to the every division winner. We have pole wear from California, and it’s called Twisted Movement which is super cool. And then next one Summer Fun we’re working on a grip it’s called Pixie Grip, so that’ll be cool to give to the winners. And then what else? Oh the book The PT Pole Book which I’m so excited! Have you guys heard about this thing? They’re coming out with an anatomy book that’s insane! Yes we’re giving that out!

I need it! Yeah I need it.

I need that book.

It’s really cool! So the book you know, you get like a paper book if you want, or online it’s like three-dimensional. So you would see the jade and all the muscles and movements and tricks involved, for example. So that just blows my mind! It’s never been done before and that’s what we’re giving away for the Summer Fun competition and showcase. So it’s really cool!

That’s amazing!

Yeah technology is so cool right! 2022 set up for me for training!

Man that book will be so helpful for everyone, like especially if you really can’t feel a muscle, be like there it is! Look for it, feel it!

Yes for sure I mean the prizes are exciting! But I’m even more excited for the theme Halloween! And also I’m excited for the judges.

Like that was a big draw for me too, because you know you you want to be judged by people who you really look up to and are inspired by, and your judges are really like those people! So I’m excited for them to like look at me!

Yeah and we have different ones like we have Estefania who is from New Mexi I mean Mexico and she is like the queen of like leggy sexy stuff.

It’s so cool!

Then we have Selena from Russia and she does floor work like, badass. And then we have a Squeak Machine which she’s more into like, you know, with the character, dressing up, anime type vibe, which is like super awesome. We have all different kind of people from different places. We have uh Derek who’s very traditional and he’s very like acro-gymnast. We're just going to have like different combination of people. And obviously Colleen Jolly which runs the Pole International Con which is super cool. We have like a lot of different different people out there for judging.

Love it so much. Thank you for doing that.

That is that is awesome, also like I just kind of got my nerves excited, but so scary!

We’re all here to support each other, that’s what it’s all about.

It is incredible!

Oh I’m so excited! So happy!

So happy guys are performing! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Yes and hopefully more of our students will get involved too, because we have a competition team this year we’re trying to like get everyone involved in all the different types of competitions, so it’s gonna be awesome incoming! For this one but they weren’t having it, but Summer Fun, yes!

Yes, so you mentioned that, that type of grip. Is that? What was the grip again?

So it’s a new grip. I think it just came out like three or four months ago. They’ve been working on it for years, but it’s called Pixie Grip, so it kind of specializes like Rafaela, I don’t know if you know her? She uses it. And Athena. And they went to well, Athena went to Worlds, and so they do like these flips, and these like insane tricks, so it’s really strong. And it’s you know, not gonna let you down. Because there’s some grips out there that don’t really work after a while, unfortunately. So that’s what it was kind of made for, and it’s really cool! And it has like a little pixie wings on it. It’s just a new grip that came out so we’re excited to you know, help promote them. And they have some really incredible athletes using it already. So yeah!

Nice! Excellent!And it’s available now to to purchase?

Yes it’s available now excellent well we can include that link for sure when we post this episode.

Well Cris you want me to take the next question?

Yeah that’s, that’s okay I don’t even remember who asked the last one!

We asked that one, and that one… Okay what is your favorite style of pole?

I feel like every other moment I discover a new style of pole, so that’s a very like loaded question! But my go-to I feel is always kind of like old school like very, just Gemma Lux style show girl. But that’s just you know, me! That’s kind of what I do naturally, so to speak. But I do love all styles. I try to expand my horizon. There’s a new one, the name kind of escaped me, where it’s like super quick — like it’s a faster style of dancing with the pole that came out. And I think that’s like really cool! And I’m trying to open up to more like the Exotic Russian style. I find very fascinating. I just haven’t quite, you know, mastered. There’s like a lot to it, but that’s what I’m uh you know drawn to yeah for sure.

That’s awesome I love the wide range of styles because sometimes you just can’t pick one.

I feel like you gotta mix it up you know so I have like my go-to, and then the one I want, and then like one that’s like super cool, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get there. That’s kind of the thing you gotta like mix it up you know.

All righty so I’ll take the next question. What are your non-superhuman hobbies and obligations besides your superhuman pole dancing?

I don’t know I feel like okay, my plants! I call them my babies. They have names. We have Mickey and Minnie and they’re uh quenepas which is a Puerto Rican fruit. So it’s like a giant grape, you know what they are! Yes they’re super good! And then I have roses, and so that’s like my lemon, avocado, oh and little mini bell peppers. The mini ones! Yeah! So yeah, so that’s kind of my my de-stressor, when I just want to like escape reality, I take care of them, and the plants. And I’ve started like painting and drawing. I don’t think I’m very good at it, but I did that with the rona, you know the covid lock down pandemic. And so we started doing that. And then my son likes to cook, but I do not think I’m very good at it. My husband’s always like, it’s burning! Mama’s cooking!

But yes, I try. okay! I’m learning on the youtube. Getting recipes. So they’re not really superhuman strengths, but yeah we’re working on it!

It doesn’t matter if you’re good at them as long as they feel good.

Yes, yes. I think it’s the cooking with the family, or even like I — oh one time I invited some friends over like a double date and we made sushi and it was so fun no idea what we were doing! But it was good! And it was a whole thing, of like being together and kind of doing something. And it kind of unifies you, and it’s fun. And and you just eat it — I mean it’s rice and and like veggies and stuff — you can’t go wrong. So yeah.

And then you know you just turn it into a sushi salad if it you know, you messed it up!

Like like the the bowl right sushi yeah —it’s fine!

Excellent! So does that mean you do all the pole stuff for your, just main line of work, main source of income?

Oh okay so that’s a different question! He’s at hobbies! Yes so my nine to five all right. So originally I have a teaching degree, right, in California. California State. And I did teach online for a while, but they don’t pay, you know. I mean if you’re a teacher out there watching this, I love you I know the struggle! That struggle’s real! So yeah so I ended up just getting like a random job working for Toyota, answering the phone, and I love it! It’s from home, and I work like really crazy hours. I work 5 a.m to 1:30, and, but I like it because after that I can teach pole. I can pick up my son, I can do dinner, and it’s just you know, it’s easy for me. I could do The Pole Circus. It doesn’t like interfere with my life.

That’s perfect, excellent! Yeah! Sometimes, do you ever want to like do pole as just your main thing, or do you need like something else to, like have as to like decompress? Because I also have like another thing where I do, to like take my mind off of the pole stuff. Sometimes it’s too much.

I feel like, I mean for me, my main goal would be to have a physical studio, like my own studio would be like the dream! But you know I’m just not there yet. It does require a lot of money you know to build out for the rent, uh blah blah blah blah blah. Anybody’s looked into it you know so, so yeah so at the moment. I mean I feel like a lot of my life is consumed by pole, I’m constantly doing it, I’m constantly thinking of it because I do run The Pole Circus, and I do teach. I teach privates, and I teach at a studio. I teach chair at a studio, so it it is kind of already there. I feel like for me, even though like I’m working answering the phones, I’m probably like, okay what is it that I put, and what move, and what happened? And no that’s not how you do that! So my mind is always pole, pole, pole, it’s been infested, and I think I like it that way. It’ll stay like that.

And it’s good for us to maybe stay integrated into the real world too, so that we can like help change the world a little bit.

Awesome, so let me see. Where do you see yourself in five or ten years with pole dancing or with anything in general?

All right so I’m gonna tell you a secret! So we are putting together international workshops! So we have like Coco Kehong, he’s the China world champion of pole, gonna be doing a workshop, and we’re working on it. So it’s April 2nd and 3rd! And we’re going to announce it on our valentine’s show. And basically, plan on doing those! So whoever judged previously, just you know, imagine The Pole Circus, the judges, then in a few months they’ll do a workshop, right!

So for example like Jax Spencer is gonna do her famous Back 2 Basics, which is what she does on instagram. And then we have Yoko, I think she’s Hong Kong, she does insane like chair tricks, and stuff like that! And that’s what we’re hoping to do for now with The Pole Circus, so we’ll have the three shows, and then we have the workshops. Ideally I’m trying to find a circus to have The Pole Circus in, so we’ll see!

I’m getting the allergies, the cat. s

So, so yeah! So we’re trying to see if we can find a circus, because I want like an actual tent! And then we would like rent the space in order to have the show. So that’s like my goal, I’m hoping in the next couple years. We just have to find a circus that’s willing to partner with us to do it, because getting a tent is out of the question! But we’re setting up a stage and poles and stuff within a circus, I think would be something really cool, that people might be willing to fly out.

I mean I want to perform in a circus, like I would sign up, and be like. whoa that’s a cool experience!

So yeah, and then obviously my ultimate goal would be like to have my own studio and stuff like that. We are, we sell like the shirt, and we sell like the necklace, so you know support the cause y’all! But yeah obviously just to kind of make it bigger and better, so we’re starting with online. We do love it, the connection’s awesome, but ideally it would be nice to kind of have everybody meet in person and have that one-on-one connection just with everyone, and more personal, I guess is the goal.

Oh my gosh these are amazing opportunities that you’re giving pole dancers! Like I’m so excited for myself I can’t even wait until everyone else hears all of these wonderful things! And like, I will be searching marketplace for uh for a circus big top if there is one.

Right! Yeah I mean we’ve even thought of like, Orlando because I know Orlando has like Disney, so they have a huge performance community over there. We just need a circus that would come every year and then be able to speak to that you know, whoever owns it or whatever the name of that company, so that we could do it every year is the goal. To have it so so that’s the thing. We’re hoping maybe we put it out there, somebody will agree agree to host us so that we can do it. Because it would definitely be, it would be something in the books! You know something has never been done before. Be really cool!

Love it! We’ll have to light our candles and pray and everything! Do you have any other questions, Mændy?

I guess we went through all of our regular questions but I guess, the just one question that you have for polers in general. Do you have any just general advice to give to maybe polers who are starting, or you know just polers in general on their journey?

Yes of course! So I guess because I’ve taught a lot of beginners, and I feel like they get really intimidated. That’s like the main thing. Especially if they go in a class with like other people, and maybe they come in and they have like a t-shirt on and yoga pants, and you know everyone else is half naked, which is normal. So I would just say for beginners, you know, just — I know it’s hard — but try to like, just do you, you know.

Like if you want to go there for exercise, just do your exercise. Like it’s hard to think that nobody’s judging you, nobody’s looking at you, but honestly like when I go to train, and I’m in my little you, know sports bra and whatnot, like I’m not worried about you, you know! What I mean like whatever it is you gotta do is fine. And if you’ve questioned, or I know a lot of people get like shy, they don’t want to say you know, oh can you please do it again? And just kind of be verbal about what you need, because I think that’s the biggest thing is a lot of people don’t verbalize what you know, they need. To see it again, or if they’re uncomfortable, whatever reason you know. Just open up about it and try things. You’ll be surprised!

Some people, they come in and they think they’re going to suck, and they knock it out of the park! And some people come in and they’re like oh had like a bodybuilder. Come in once, like all like abs, you know and then they try to get on the pole and it’s like terrible, no coordination, complete disaster! So you never know! I’m not saying all bodybuilders. I’m saying that was one instance. All the bodybuilders are going to come after me now! So what I’m saying is that you never know! Just give it a try! Go with an open mind and uh have some fun, enjoy yourself! That’s all.

I love! Love it! Yeah yes!

Yeah I think for for a lot of us, before pole, we have trouble like understanding that we can take up space, and then like when we when we go to pole we realize that you know, we’re here! We can take up the space!


So it’s really great that you say that. Just like you know, continue on and you’ll have like a transformation that you won’t even believe!

The last comment, so I know a lot of people they like to do pole, but they don’t want to like be associated with it online. So maybe because of their job or maybe because of their family. And honestly we know that, so if you tell us, hey you know, don’t post online. Or if you’re going to record I’d rather be to the corner, we will totally cater to that! Like we understand that, and a lot of us — myself included — have had to deal with certain, you know, situations or family members and explain it. So we know, and a lot of beginners, they probably think oh they’re all okay with it, or they didn’t have any struggle with introducing the whole world to their family or job, and that’s not true. I feel like if you talk to a lot of us, we’ve had had some sort of, what do we call it, pole discrimination. Either family members, or jobs, or whatnot, so we do understand. If you don’t want a picture or a video, I feel like that’s like a big thing. Real quick, address that! Because it is very important.

We’ve actually gotten questions on that so here’s a little tidbit, upcoming episode! We’re talking on ways you can share, and building confidence, and overcoming not sharing and pole dancing!

I’m so glad you said that it is super important. I love that you said that.

I do have one small tidbit! Is there anything else you wanna maybe promote or say, or anything else you’re part of that you want people to know of, anything at all?

I guess just you know Naughty Valentine! Come check out Mændy Mac and Cris February 12th at 3 p.m! We’re selling tickets at And my next performance is in June at the PoleCon International, it’s in Atlanta, Georgia. So if you guys haven’t already, definitely check it out! If you want to meet me in person, or if you just want to go live and have some fun! Yeah they’ll be doing like workshops, there’ll be performances, and everybody gets to meet everyone!

Super cool that is awesome thank you for sharing that! And can we have all those links. We’re gonna have all that information down at the bottom for The Pole Circus, Naughty Valentine, the showcase her showcase that she’s performing —that I’m so excited!

So many things, so many amazing things!

Oh yeah well I think that’s all the questions that I had.

I think that’s all I had as well.

Lord is there anything else you want to offer at anything, I mean I think I asked that — but yeah!

I think I mentioned everything, the I mentioned the workshops that are coming up in April and, everything yeah! Everything covered!

Well you thank you so much for taking the time! It was so exciting to hear about your pole journey, your life, and The Pole Circus, and I’m super excited for the future of pole because there’s people like you in it who are, you know, making everyone’s futures brighter! Especially in these like crazy times with ridiculousness. We just want to have a good time!

Yess thank you so much for having me, and I love what you guys are doing with the podcast. I think it’s important to you know, get the word out there, so that’s really cool you guys have to keep up the good work, too!

Thank you so much and if there’s anything you want to talk about or like need from us, or if you want to see something on the show, or even if you want to come on again, just feel free to reach out we would love to talk to you again or just to say hello!

Yes, definitely, I would love that. Thank you so much guys!

Thank you, that was so beautiful.

Thank you so much for listening to this episode, everyone! I am Mændy Mac.

And I'm Cris Rivers.

And we are signing off!

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