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Interview with Sallys Charming of The Pole Circus

This is the transcript of our Episode 5: Meet Sallys Charming of The Pole Circus from Pole On The Call that aired Thursday, February 3, 2022.

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The Pole Circus

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About The Pole Circus & Sallys Charming:

Our mission at The Pole Circus Virtual Competition is to provide a platform to display the art of pole and all Aerial arts. Someplace safe, for ALL where we can cheer each other on and celebrate the great community.

This event was create by Sallys Charming owner of Girl Next Door Pole Fitness. Sallys Charming is a hearing impaired pole dancer and wishes to diversify the pole community for all with disabilities.

She's a certified pole instructor and has 5 years of experience specializing in choreography and dance. *Performing at International Pole Con as Representative *Para Pole 2021 *2nd place Pole Justice *2nd Place PSO Orlando *Judge PSO Pacific 2020 *She's also featured in International Pole Sport Federation dictionary. *Former Professional dancer at Channel 31 Azteca America.

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Welcome everyone! My name is Cris Rivers.

And I’m Mændy Mac.

And this is Pole on the Call and we are so super freaking excited to be interviewing the incredible Sallys Charming from The Pole Circus! An incredible pole dancer entrepreneur, and I can’t wait to share her story.

How are you today Sallys?

I am so good so excited to be here with you guys. iIt’s our official first podcast so we’re really happy!

Excellent! Yeah thank you so much for taking the time to to meet with us and and for sharing your pole journey and your story and also about The Pole Circus.

Yes thanks so much for having me! We might have a little visitor, my cat is over here somewhere, so she might come say "hi."

That is perfectly okay! We would love to say hello!

Alrighty so I guess we’ll start with some basic information just to warm up. How long have you been pole dancing?

All right so this is a an interesting question. So I started a few months before I was pregnant. My son is currently — here’s the cat — my son is uh five years old, so I poled until he was, until I was eight months pregnant. So I kind of took a little hiatus you know, to have a kid, and then I came back. But yes that’s my my pole journey in like a nutshell.

That’s incredible! You still came back though after having a child that’s awesome that’s so inspiring for like other mothers out there who might be going through the same issue and might have to take a step back.

Yeah I mean my doctor pretty much said that as long as you did it before you were pregnant, and you know you feel comfortable — and obviously check with your doctor that you could continue and do whatever form of exercise you were doing. So yeah, and I did it until I was eight months. I was just so big I couldn’t even like walk some days, and that was kind of it for me. But I have seen some other amazing pole dancers do it the whole pregnancy and it’s just incredible!

Yeah it’s really awesome! Right, there was Bendy Kate was all over, like up and down, upside down, like I was like whoa!

Like doing handsprings! She’s doing some crazy stuff! I was like oh my I thought I was brave — she’s on another level for real!

True, so it just goes to show you like how amazing we are as human beings we can just like, you know…

Well and how did you get into pole? Like what was like the the draw for you?

So interestingly, uh my husband and I moved from California to Florida because it was cheaper. So I just got out of college, he just got out of college, we’re like we need to change. We’re not going to be able to ever like own a house here. Let’s just move. And so we moved to Florida! And around the corner from where we moved was a pole studio. And every time I would drive to work I would see it, and I would see it coming home, and I was just like, "I’m just gonna have to stop in and see what this is about."

And I checked it out! I started with chair. Chair dancing was the the way I got into it and I fell in love with it. Everybody was just so nice! It felt like a community, like a family. Nobody was like judging anybody, you know. If you had like a few extra pounds, or a stretch mark, they’d be like, "it’s okay I have that too, like look at mine!" Or look what happened here! And it was just so welcoming and I couldn’t stop, and I haven’t really stopped since so…

Yeah it is such a welcoming environment! Thank you for sharing that, I’m glad you had that experience, some people don’t — but that is awesome!

Any other questions, Mændy? I could go again…

Yeah you could take it away!

Sure! Okay so what is your favorite moment in your pole career so far? Or I know this is hard, so maybe top two, top three?

Alright, so I have won PSO competitions, but that is actually not my top moment you guys. My top moment is when we did, — me, my husband ,and my little four-year-old son — we did thriller! We did a re-enactment of thriller and we dressed up like zombies! And we only won third place, but like they all got a medal! My husband got a medal, my son got a medal, and it was just so awesome! Our dogs were in it! I painted them with some white spray paint, they were like zombie dogs! So that was just totally like something we’ll never forget, and it was, you know apocalyptic pandemics, so it was something to keep was occupied and for sure. Like my top favorite, never forget that moment!

And then another thing I got to perform for the Pole Convention — the International Pole Convention for Parapole and so that was really near and dear. Because some people know, some people don’t know, but I am half deaf, so I do wear hearing aids. And it’s been really hard to kind of just accept it. And I want to be kind of like, you know showing other people if you have a condition, visible, invisible, you know, you can do this! Like we’re a really welcoming community and you can come, and you can dance, you can pole, you can laugh, you can cry. We all have good, bad days, and so that was near to my heart to represent the community and be able to do that performance.

It was a belly dance performance on the beach so that was super fun! In Florida obviously we have a lot of beaches, but my poor husband had to haul like 100 pounds of the stage pole and set it up, you know! My uh my crew! But uh yeah, so those are those are the top moments that I’ve had so far! But there’ll be many more to come, I’m sure.

I love that, the Michael Jackson thriller, oh my god! I would love to see that video if you have it!

I do! You know what, I’ve had it, and I keep trying to post the original, so you could see like the moves to the song, but Instagram and Youtube keeps taking it down! So I had to speed it up a little bit so it’s not too bad. But it’s just like, it’s like I had to put it out there, so people could see it. It just sucks, and I can’t like have it originally the way that it’s intended, but you know the social media popo — they find you!

Dude they’ve been shadow banning me lately because my sexy posts are too much!

I feel like they don’t let me do anything! Because we can’t can’t get away with anything.

I know I really want to make like a whole social media account but that’s a story for another day.

For real.

Another question, Mændy?

Yeah I guess I want to thank you for sharing your experiences about, you know, your experience in the pole world as a hearing-impaired poler, and I was hoping you could also like, you know, maybe share some of the challenges and how poke studios can help make their spaces, events, and classes, more accessible.

Yeah so, okay so there’s a like misconception that I have to kind of tell everybody when they first meet me. I am half death. I’m not completely deaf. But that being said, like for example, just so everyone can kind of see, like I have you know these little hearing aids. But the problem is that technology isn’t 100%. So I go to a studio and they think, oh you have hearing aids, you can hear! Not really. I read lips for most of everything, and if you’re turned to me I can’t really hear you. And sometimes, you know, I have had some rude people! Well they’ll start yelling at me! And it’s like, I don’t need you to yell at me, I just need you to look at me and I can read your lips!

So it’s just kind of those things I feel like where people are just ignorant, and I’ve learned obviously, you know getting older, that it’s just people. I think sometimes it makes them uncomfortable if they don’t know how to deal with me. And it’s not really you, and I feel like that’s kind of like my overall message to people who have condition is sometimes explaining it. Being open about it, because if people don’t know, they can’t help you, you know. And especially like if you’re a teacher, or studio owner, we want to be able to help all kinds of students. But again if we have no idea how to help you, or what is that you need you know, so now like if ever I take a class all, the instructors know. Like they have to look at me, or at least turn in my direction. Things like that. And I feel like, depending on where you are, some studios are more open than others. But definitely find a studio that works for you, that’s willing to you know, make you feel comfortable. Because we are all, the students are paying for a service, and you want to be able to get the most out of it no matter who you are, really.

Yes love it! And it’s not hard to make the changes to make everyone you know, because pole is for everyone, and you just have to you know, if you have it in your heart — we’ll make it happen!

I love that you say that, and to anyone listening if your studio won’t cater to your needs start your own!


Thank you so much for for that that was amazing! Do you want to go to uh like a different sort of question?

My cats are like…

I love it!

Cats are my favorite but I’m severely allergic, so it’s dogs for me.

I’m allergic too! That’s what’s so crazy when I first got her I had to take a Zyrtec for like two weeks! I bought a neti pot! I know it’s not sexy!

I used to be allergic to cats and now I’m not! So maybe it’ll change?

Yeah yeah I hope! I mean I love dogs, but for you — if I could do it you could do it!

So a quick thing I was it was almost like I had the flu when I first got the cat. I like tested for COVID and everything but the thing is, that the second I stepped out of my house I didn’t have the allergies! When I was in the house I’d be like crying, sneezing — I couldn’t breathe! It like stuck in my throat! But after I think, it was like two and a half, maybe three weeks of the neti pot, I got better!

That’s so amazing that it worked! I tried the neti pot at one point but it wasn’t not for me.

It doesn’t, it’s not for everybody.

By that three week stretch I’ve only done like you know, one sitting here what’s sitting there!

Do you have another question? I can ask — I was going to ask about what other types of fitness or or cross training or anything like that, that you do beside, like activities outside of pole?

I guess cross-training