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International Pole Coach, Sasja Fierce

This is the video from our episode International Pole Coach, Sasja Fierce from Pole On The Call that aired Thursday, October 26, 2023.

You can watch this episode on YouTube, or listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music, or your favorite podcast service.

In this episode, Cris Rivers & Mændy Mac meet International Pole Coach, Sasja Fierce and learn about her amazing pole career and where she currently teaches.

Bio: Sasja embarked on her pole journey in 2009 with no athletic or dance background, becoming an instructor within 4 months. She later became 2013 California Pole Dance Champion, 2014 National Aerial Pole Art Champion, 2014 Ink-N-Iron Champion and 2017 Pole Theatre Iceland Classique Pro Champion.

Pole dance opened many doors for Miss Fierce, including the opportunity to perform at Coachella Music Festival with recording artist Halsey and music video with Fergie, under the guidance of world renowned choreographer, Fatima Robinson. Sasja also choreographed a pole segment for the French Montanna tour, as well as appeared on Telemundo, Lifetime, Justin TV and a Fiat commercial.

Sasja has shared her love of expression through movement across the nation and abroad, teaching workshops with emphasis on technique, as well as the necessary mental component, as she believes true growth occurs from the inside out. Every human deserves the opportunity to find their true passion and to live unapologetically fierce.

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