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Pole Lovers Course

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This Course is a monthly subscription Course that starts with a Free 3- Day trial! Each month more videos will be added to help guide you on your Pole Journey. The Pole Lovers Course includes: Warm Ups, Conditioning Exercises, Pole Trick Tutorials for all Levels, Pole Combo tutorials, Cool Downs , off pole workouts and so much more!! This course will also include random quizzes for those Pole Dancers who would like a little more. Review whatever topic , whenever you like! With new videos every month so you never get bored!! Start your Free trial today for 3 days! Then $5 for your first 6 months! Then just $10 / month for as long as you stay enrolled in the course! This course will keep you busy for years to come with new videos every month! So start the Pole Lovers course today!

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